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Randy George

George Frederick GARDENER c1886-1970

Pop was definitely one for a bit of ‘hide & tickle’. He told his son’s that he lost his virginity at age 14, on December 31st, 1899. An unforgettable date as it was the turn of the new century. We don’t know details between then and his marriage and probably wouldn’t want to. Suffice to say he enjoyed female company and he was super fit due to his job shovelling coal on ships in the port of Melbourne.

In 1910 Pop married Nellie Marion MacDougall, the daughter of a wealthy publican. George and Nellie produced 12 children (possibly 13) between 1912 and Nellie’s death in 1952. He then had a number of partners over the years, not really slowing down until he moved to live with his only living daughter Eileen, & her family, in Ashwood, Victoria.

Pop died at around age 84 but he was still at it. Only 18 months before his death he was caught ‘visiting’ a lady friend at an aged care facility. Eileen received a phone call in the early hours one morning, staff had caught pop in bed with one of the residents and they caught him literally half out of the window. I remember her calling him a ‘silly old bugger’ for months after.

Pop lived in a one room asbestos bungalow at Eileen & Bob’s house. All of us boys came up with excuses to disturb Pop in there, you see it was a shrine to the naked female form. Every inch of every wall was plastered with pictures of nude women, cut from magazines. 🙂