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You have made it to GARDENER.LINK – the new permanent home for the GREATER GARDENER FAMILY in Australia and Beyond. Entering www.gardener.link or just gardener.link will now get you here on any connected device, from anywhere in the world.

What We Do Here?

I personally use this site to reconnect with cousins and more distant relatives that I’ve lost touch with, or never known. As the family historian in our family, this also helps with my research.

This site and all its connected entities will also help you reconnect and stay in touch, as well as learn about our family, where we came from and where we’re going. Hopefully you might add to it even in a small way. Just making sure your own family is on the tree is a wonderful gesture, if you read on you will see why.

As this grows we will also be providing picture galleries, chat areas, message forums and much more

Not Interested – You Should Be

You may not be all that interested but you’re children, grandchildren and those that follow them will be. Spend 5 minutes on google and you’ll discover that kids are now taught to embrace and share their family history at school, research also shows that more than 95% of all people in the western world will want or NEED to know about their family history at some point in their lives. Family history research, or genealogy, is also the fastest growing hobby in the civilised world and by a long way.

In the case of disease & defects that are hereditary, a person’s access to a well researched and proven family history is now considered the greatest tool a person can have at hand to improve not only their quality of life, but sometimes their very survival. As DNA testing and sequencing are becoming part of mainstream genealogy, the medical and social value of a good family history is expected to increase tenfold.

Why all the changes and new web address?

Changes to the infrastructure of the internet worldwide in 2017, have allowed me to find a permanent home for this site and instead of costing me hundreds of dollars each year for my various websites. The cost is now less than $5 per week to have permanent homes for all of them, using the new link domains.

It also provides a stability that could not be had previously. We are no longer at so much risk of websites crashing or disappearing, or having to be rebuilt from scratch. Add that to our membership of the ‘Wayback Machine‘ and the National Library of Australia and the non private aspects of our history are preserved forever (see privacy policy).

Now you need only type in gardener.link to access everything related to our families and my research and family history.

What Is The Greater GARDENER Family?

1. Taking the “centre point” of the marriage of my grandparents, the greater GARDENER family goes in two directions. Into the past and includes everyone related by blood or union to my grandparents. The other direction ‘into the future) includes all their descendants and all the connected unions spanning outward from that, including anyone marrying into the family anywhere, no matter how distant.

It also includes the same sorts of unions and marriages that begin with those in the ‘past direction. So basically everyone related to our family no matter how distant. This part is important and it’s how I discovered that ‘Pop’ had a half brother (same dad) and that there’s a whole second branch to the family.

A real example: My uncle Sammy (Leslie) had several partners including two longer term ones. My cousin Debby, his daughter, married long ago to a member of the RUSSELL family. Now let’s suppose Mr Russell has a sister that married Mr NICEMAN.

All of Mr NICEMAN’s relatives are part of the Greater GARDENER Family tree. Distant yes but still part of the research tree if they choose to be. 🙂

2. The centre point for my GARDENER FAMILY research is the marriage union between my grandfather George Frederick GARDENER & my gradmother Nellie Marion McDOUGALL, at the Methodist Church, Cecil St South Melbourne (vic, Aust) in the year 1910.

The centre point for my non GARDENER research is the marriage between Ronald Andrew McNAIR (my maternal GF) and Irene Florence TRAYNOR (my maternal GM) at South Melbourne in 1942.